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Meet Fred Pohlmann, Master Bookbinder

Drawing upon an extensive training ground throughout Europe and a Master Certificate in bookbinding, Fred Pohlmann’s work stimulates the mind with a variety of colours and textures. The applied artistry and skills are evident in each of his works. Over the years the work has been exhibited with great distinction nationally and internationally.

With more than 50 years’ experience Fred has studied as well as lectured and taught traditional binding styles around the world demonstrating his commitment to increasing his knowledge in this unique craft and his dedication to quality.

He sets the highest possible standard not only for the materials and techniques he is using but also in himself as well. His commitment to genuine quality is very much evident by the equipment and tools Fred is using in his Bindery.

Fred Pohlmann, founder of Pohlmann Bookbinders is part of a family of artisans.

Pohlmann Bookbinders is a husband and wife team, both qualified in the art of refined bookbinding.

Their purpose-build bindery is set amongst the forested hills of Camp Mountain, near Brisbane in Queensland. The bindery features a unique combination of state-of-the-art tools and centuries-old traditional bookbinding equipment to ensure you get the perfect result for your project.

Member of the Australian Institute for the Conservation of Cultural Material

Member of the Designer Bookbinders, England

The Journey to Master Craftsman

In the venerable European book binding tradition, the title Master Craftsman is awarded only to the crème de la crème. This lofty height is achieved only after a long journey, which starts as apprentice, progresses through journeyman, and ends with craftsman. The especially gifted craftsman who breaks new ground through outstanding skill forges new standards and stimulates new integrity in the craft. Thus emerges the Master Craftsman.

The Pohlmann Bindery is founded on the skills passed down through the centuries by Master Craftsmen who have established this noble craft. After his journeyman experiences in Europe, founder Fred Pohlmann developed an expertise now held in the highest regard, locally, nationally and internationally. 


We use a wide variety of materials and binding styles, from modern to ancient binding techniques, to create unique and hand-crafted pieces to treasure.

Australia's Leading Bookbinder

A commitment to genuine quality is evident in the tools a master craftsman chooses to use. Our bindery is unique to Australia – no other bookbinder exists here who can combine the tools and years of experience at Pohlmann Bookbinders.

Globally-Recognised Work

Friedhelm Pohlmann has lectured and taught around the world, learning from the great masters in the bookbinding and exhibiting around the world. His work can be seen in many libraries and government buildings around the world.

Awards and Exhibitions

Fred Pohlmann has won many awards for his artistry, with prizes across the world. He has also exhibited internationally, in Europe and Australia.

Committed to Quality

We are dedicated to quality, leaving no room for short cuts. We set the highest possible standards for not only for the materials and techniques used, but ourselves as well to ensure your treasured heirloom, antique or project has the perfect result.

Welcome to the Bindery

Our purpose-built workshop is nestled in the beautiful hills of Camp Mountain near Brisbane. Our state-of-the-art equipment and traditional bookbinding techniques ensure the highest quality results for your projects.

International Standards

The Pohlmann Bindery surpasses all local standards for Library Binding Records. The materials used to produce bindings conform to the high quality US and European Library standards. 

Certification, Skills & Values

Pohlmann Bookbinders are German trained and certified Master Bookbinders, for over 50 years and were established in Germany in 1969.

Fred studied book design and fine binding in the 1980s with Professor Hugo Pellen at the Centre del bel Libro in Switzerland. In 1994 Fred was lecturer  at the New Horizons Conference in Oxford, England.

We are a husband and wife team with high qualifications, demonstrating a commitment, knowledge and dedication to quality which does not allow room for shortcuts. We set the highest possible standards for our materials, techniques and for ourselves as well.

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International exhibitions of the works of Friedhelm Pohlmann stimulate the mind with a kaleidoscope of textures and colours. The artistry within the master craftsman’s hands is evident in each of his works. Over the years the work has been exhibited with great distinction globally.

1969 Essen, Germany

1984 National Conference, Canberra

1985 Prix Paul Bonet Competition, Switzerland

1985 RNA Show Brisbane - First Prize

1989 Exhibition of Contemporary Bindings, National Library Canberra

1992 RNA Show Sydney - First Prize

1992 Exhibition of Contemporary Bindings, Canberra

1992 International Fine Bindings Competition, Switzerland and Germany

1994 International Exhibition of Design Bindings, Oxford, England


  1. 1945Born Senden, Germany
  2. 1961-63Bookbinder apprenticeship
  3. 1963-68Working as a qualified bookbinder
  4. 1969Master Certificate in Bookbinding
  5. 1970-80Workshop established in Muenster
  6. 1980Emigrated to Australia
  7. 1981Technical Teacher at the College of Graphic Arts and Printing, Brisbane
  8. 1982Brisbane workshop established
  9. 1985Studied book design and fine bindings in Switzerland
  10. 1985Studied and worked with Professor Hugo Peller in Switzerland
  11. 1994Lecturer at the New Horizons Conference in Oxford, England

Producing and publishing artists' books throws up tasks not met in normal book publishing areas. Friedhelm Pohlmann's experience as a Master Binder has proved invaluable to us. Not least of all is his talent for working with artists and creating bindings which become integral to the works.

Noreen Grahame, Director, Grahame Galleries + Editions


QUT library has used Pohlmann's bookbinding services for several years. We have found their staff to be reliable and committed to ensuring work of a consistently high quality.

Elizabeth Dolby, Serial Manager, Queensland University of Technology


I am writing to congratulate you for the work you have done in rebinding our 19th century volumes of NSW and QLD parliamentary papers. The standard of binding is, as always, excellent. Not only do they now have a very sound construction but their appearance also is truly pleasing to the eye.

Margaret O'Hagan, Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature, The University of Queensland Libraries

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